As we optimistically wait for the global entertainment industry to get active again, i have been working hard behind the scene toward the release of my EP which is set to drop before the end of the first quarter of this year.

“Follow Me” an Afro beat love-tune which goes along with the spirit of Valentine’s season is another single from my forthcoming EP titled “LEGACY”

The song which was produced and mixed by Joseph Fabs in Lagos Nigeria and mastered by MixArt Studio, Bern here in Switzerland is aimed at celebrating the beauty of love!

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Joe Legacy, Legacy

(Koto, kote)

(Vrs 1)

Fine lady,

Oyoyo sisi

Enenebe eje olu

Beautiful chiquita

Baby imala mma

I’m in love with you na na na

I’m the only one, the perfect guy you’ve been waiting for, (yeah yeah)

(Pre Hook)

One plus one (two, two)

Two plus two (four, four)

Me and you bi one, make we just bi one

Do re mi fa so

La ti do do do

Be my harmony, I go bi your melody (yeah)


Follow me baby x2

Muna gi g’ebi

Aya mma lele


If e no bi you, yeah yeah tell me who?

Ogabuzikwanu mu n’onye? (mu n’onyezinu?)

Baby dance ya, rocky ya, shake ya, whine ya, kam Kiribe ekiribe, Kam nenebe eje olu!

(Pre Hook)


 (Instrumental / Pre Hook)


Baby ichaka kwa, mana imakakwa,


Hold me close to you tapata

Iyokokoh (iyokokokoh koh o oh)

(Joe Legacy)

Baby ichaka kwa, im in love na na na,

ima na itokakwa, hold me close to you tapata,


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